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Carrie Haddad Gallery

....Hudson, NY has a long history of nurturing artists, beginning with Frederick Church and the Hudson River School of painters. Today, a century later, Hudson continues to attract artists with its beautiful landscapes, dramatic skies, and enchanting pink light. Carrie Haddad represents artists of the Hudson Valley region, in the charming city of Hudson. "There is something about the beauty of the local landscapes that affects the work of the artists moving to this region," says Ms. Haddad. "It seems to impart a kind of spirituality that strengthens their work and leaves it more optimistic." Hailed as the premier gallery of the Hudson Valley, the Carrie Haddad Gallery presents eight large exhibits a year and includes all types of painting, both large and small sculpture, works on paper and a variety of techniques in photography. Carrie Haddad opened the Gallery in 1991, the first gallery in Hudson, NY. at the time. The gallery became an instant success and continues to show the best established and newly discovered artists of the Hudson Valley. The gallery was voted "Best Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Hudson Valley" by Hudson Valley Magazine.  

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The Corner Gallery Steven Ochs

All objects and spaces in the spectrum of our universe have light, parts, colors, dimensions and vibrations that we normally don’t consider. For example, we don’t reflect on the springs and gears when we look at a clock. Nor do we notice everything is moving in an empty room. For thousands of years, every object and space created in our minds were locked away as existing truths. However, recently we have began to untie those truths and contemporarily, my works are created as our reminder tha...
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