Get Your Costs In Line with GalleryDriver Software

Stop paying big bucks to update your website

Now with GalleryDriver web software, no matter who designed and built your site, you can make instant, in-house changes. When your gallery has a new exhibition, it will only take a few minutes and basic typing skills to add artists' portfolios and exhibits.

Anyone who can type can add or delete new artists' portfolios and text monthly, weekly or even every day. Update your website whenever and as often as you need without breaking your budget.

The GalleryDriver software runs right from your web browser so no installation is required.



I've used a number of gallery tools in the past, but none have ever compared to GalleryDriver. Their system is so easy to use, covers all your needs, and their customer service is always outstanding. - Jonathan LeVine

GalleryDriver does an amazing job of addressing our gallery’s unique needs. Our website has never been so stream-lined, efficient, easy-to-update and effective! - Nadja Michel-Herf Paul Rodgers/9W Projects


Make Your Website Changes In-house

GalleryDriver software frees galleries from the constraints imposed by their web designer. The software allows you to take complete control over the content that is displayed on your gallery's website. When you are ready to make a change to your site, you simply log in to the GalleryDriver administrative interface and update the content whenever necessary. No need to call a web developer when you can make the change yourself.


Create Artist Portfolios

Creating and managing your Artist Portfolio's is easy with GalleryDriver. We've created a simple interface that allows you to quickly and easy manage your artists' online portfolios.

With some simple clicks, it's possible to create an artist portfolio in just a few minutes.


Manage Your Exhibits

Keeping your online exhibit in sync with your current gallery exhibit can be a tedious task if you don't have the right tools. With GalleryDriver, you can quickly create an online exhibit by selecting from your existing artists.

  Watch a video about managing your exhibits.


Increase Your Exposure

All galleries that use the GalleryDriver software will be included in the website portal. Having your gallery and all of it's content show up in more than one location on the web will increase your exposure to a world wide audience. The website portal receives thousands of visitors each day. Imagine the number of prospective buyer's that we could drive to your site.


GalleryDriver Pricing

Our prices can't be beat. For just $41.95/month you could take back control of your gallery's website.

Plan Image Space Service Fee / month Web Hosting / month Monthly Total
Tier 1 48 images/year (at any given time) or max of 5Mb $25 $16.95 $41.95
Tier 2 96 images/year (at any given time) or max of 10Mb $75 $16.95 $91.95
Tier 3 5,000 images/year (at any given time) or max of 500Mb* $125 $16.95 $141.95
One-time set-up fee (non-refundable) $499
* Additional blocks of 50Mb can be purchased for $5/month.


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