Reality Gallery American Slide-All 2008

January 3, 2008 through January 26, 2008

Reality Gallery American Slide-All is a uniquely creative selection process, which spoofs the reality-based shows so popular in mass media culture today.  The exhibition encourages widespread participation by emerging artists who essentially participate in a virtual group show while vying for a solo exhibition in New York City.

Artists interested in a solo exhibition at NY Studio Gallery submit images of their work and an exhibition concept.  Images are projected in the gallery space on a rotating schedule during business hours.  Visitors to the gallery are invited to vote for their favorite images & ideas.  Each week, a portion of the artists will be eliminated.  The finalists face the Judges Panel comprised of established arts professionals.  Three solo exhibitions will be awarded for the next calendar year. Voting takes place in the gallery. Last day to vote: Jan 25th.

WINNERS: 1. Al Wadzinski 2.Emmy Mikelson 3. Yen-Hua Lee     See WINNERS entries

Finalists: Coriana Close, Claudia Fainguersch, Yacov Gabay, Carmen Giraldez, Lisa Lebofsky, Yen-Hua Lee, Sylvia Mendel, Reid McLachlan, Emmy Mikelson, Claudia Olivos, Fran Recacha, Bridget Riversmith, Sean Smuda, Al Wadzinski, Luke Walter.

Judges Panel: Heather Darcy Bhandari, David Gibson, Kristen Copham

Featuring Artists: Damali Abrams,  Sarit Achtenberg,  Robert D. Adams, Fanny Allié, Kristen Arden, John Asbury, Aliza Augustine, Ben Ben-Ron, Nicholas O'Neal Blume, Marta Boucher, Paula Brett,Shanan Campanaro, Coriana Close, Yael Cohen-Kachlon, Ernest Concepcion, Daniel Cordani, Margot Crocco, Ruben Cukier, Shawn Y. Cupid, Caressa D. Givens, Ricky Day, Orly Droval, Lara Duren, Ula Einstein, Tammie Engelhart, Jaz Fabry, Claudia Fainguersch, Massimiliano Favilli, Bill Feigenbaum, Gina Fuentes Walker, Yacov Gabay, Carmen Giraldez, Annie Heckman, Elaine Hudson, Nina Hurwitz, Andrea Huyoff, Talia Israeli, Gil Jawetz, Kate Jo, Zev Jonas, Anne Karsten, Lisa Lebofsky, Yen-Hua Lee, Heather Levy, Amy Lin, Carlos Macia, Reid McLachlan, Aija Meisters, Ethan Melad, Sylvia Mendel, Emmy Mikelson, Jamie Lee Ohland, Claudia Olivos, Sergio Olivos M, Rachel Ostrow, Gerard Perales, Roni Pinto, Fran Recacha, Bridget Riversmith, Stephanie L. Rogers, Nicole Royse, Ram Samocha, Amy M Santoferraro, Jake Schlichting, Antonella Sissa, Roxa Smith, Sean Smuda, Beth Stafford, Alexandra Suarez, Steven Sultan, Kikuko Tanaka, Margarita Tsvaygenbaum, Joanie Turbek, Michael Viola III, Luke Walter, Elihu' Wasserman, Alkistis Wechsler, Charlene Weisler, Keren Yeala- Golan, Nirit Zer Evyatar

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